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Lab reports

Inorganic Chemistry Lab, October 2007

This lab report contains the 14 preparative experiments carried out in my Inorganic Chemistry Lab in 2007. Among others, the following compounds were synthesized: Ferrocene, Acetylferrocene, Chromium(II)-acetate, Copper(II) tetraphenyl porphyrinate, Potassium trioxalatoferrate, Aluminium trichloride, and a polymolybdate cluster compound. The lab report is in German in pdf format and can be downloaded here.

Analytical Chemistry Lab, Spring 2007

The following four sets of experiments are topics of the Analytical Chemistry Lab course. The chapters covered are: Wet-chemical qualitative analysis, water analysis, food analysis, materials analysis. The lab reports are in German in pdf format.

General Chemistry Lab, Fall 2006

The following fifteen experiments were carried out during the General Chemistry Lab course in my first semester. The lab reports are in German in pdf format.

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